All done up…

My dearest readers and Friends who stopped by,

wow.. can’t believe I’ve taken some time in doing this baby blanket , finally I can announced.. It’s all done and sewn up with edges. Yay! and I can get it all wrapped up and send over to my dearest friend who is having her Number two due in August.

20130629_133959 20130629_134009 20130629_134027What I love is this Picot edging and they looks so cute around it. This technique was the same one I did it for my Hexagon Granny Squares earlier on.

Also, while I was reading the WordPress reader this evening, I came across this pretty post over at Knanaknits, look at the pretty booties done and added with Jemima buttons. So pretty. I’m not sure if I have time to do the booties but wouldn’t it be a neat idea to have two pressies at one go. Heehee.. Okie.. I’ll try to get some yarn and follow the pattern. No promises, I will give this booties a shot . photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif  Have a fabulous weekend ahead.

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21 thoughts on “All done up…

  1. Beautiful! I love the colors. I wish I’d learned to knit or crochet. I did try, but I’m incredibly inept at them both; I never could pick it up.

    • Hello Mrs. Mystic,
      thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by today.. there are many youtube videos that shows how to knit or crochet. Sometimes I referred to them too.. also sometimes, there are free lesson at libraries or community centers and I will learn from experienced knitters/ crocheters. Just have to take that step out.. and once you knit/ crochet.. you will be hooked.. I love the touch of yarn.. 😀

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! It must have taken you ages to make, but I’m sure your friend will be so pleased to have a handmade heirloom for her new arrival.

    • Hello OkeCrafter, my first time doing a baby blanket, although is like a huge granny square.. It will be a treasure to keep for the many years to come.. :D, like many other hand-made gifts.. I’m glad that is in time to give as a gift.. :D.

    • Hello Ginny,
      Thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by today..
      I was glad I’ve finished it just in time to welcome a new born baby boy.. 😀

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