♥ I just can’t stop making these ♥

I think I have caught the ATC (artistic trading cards) making bug.
20130614_204606 20130614_204621 20130614_204628 20130614_204638

(Using Ribbon Embroidery)

I’ve confirmed that the bug is still living in me..  photo tumblr_meh7gusrfu1qdlkyg_zps374d4540.gif


(ATC made over 25-27th June 2013)

I’m also up for collecting ATC’s.
If you like to trade with me (one of your work with one of mine),
Let me know.. I will ship worldwide. ♫
Not sure if there’s a cure for this.. But it is sure additive.  photo tumblr_mb6o3ukH0a1qdlkyg_zpsc9de8201.gif



16 thoughts on “♥ I just can’t stop making these ♥

  1. Cute!! I love your ATC’s. I’ve made a few and I will totally trade an ATC with you! My email is on my blog if you’d like to email me and we can exchange deets!

    • yay! I’m happy to do some exchanges.. i will get in touch with you shortly.. will you be ok to send international mail?

      will email you shortly.. 🙂

    • Hi OkeCrafter,
      heehee.. I love the ribbon ones.. and the card-size is good working space as the ribbon embroidery is able to fill in the space quite quickly.. 😀

        • heehee.. me too.. the last time it was in town I was in my early twenties.. I bought the cheapest ticket.. cos’ the front row cost about SGD$200 (~100 pound).. well.. it taught me a lesson.. cos I can’t really see Phantom and the cast.. but I must say.. I enjoy the musical very much.. 😀

    • thank you for stopping by my blog.. heheee.. I love to do ribbon embroidery… not at the best yet.. but the small space of an ATC is great for work.. 😀

    • hi Simply Knots,
      thank you for stopping by my blog today..
      I’m also new to making Artistic Trading Cards. Most people will use paper/ scrap booking material for this craft and they trade the cards. I’m bad in paper craft.. so I trade with embroidery work.. heehee.. 😀

      • Well, I must say that your embroidery is unique to my eyes! My aunt does the paper card craft. She says I have more creativity than her, but I never got the urge to make them myself. Lol, how did you come upon ribbon embroidery? It’s just gorgeous!

        • Hi simply knots,
          thank you for your lovely comment..
          ribbon embroidery is using pretty much the technique of embroidery but instead of thread, it uses Silk Ribbon. Got to buy Silk ribbon as it will flows well with the embroidery. A great book to get is: Ann Cox~ The handbook of Silk ribbon which explains all the techniques. Hope you will try it one day 😀

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