Pretty Fairy Postcards…

Dearest Readers and Friends who stopped by,

As we are having the Southern-East Winds right now, I have to say all our prayers answered.. and the days are less hazy now. ~Yipee, jumping up and day for clear skies (but not sure how long will this be, but we’re definitely enjoying some movement out of our house.)

I looked into my Mail box and was surprised by these Fairy postcards that passed through my mail Box. I’ve managed to capture some of them and show you.

20130624_102513 20130624_102529 20130624_102540

And some pretty stamps that past through my mailbox last week.

20130624_102611 20130624_10263520130624_10280120130624_10282320130624_102945Thank you for sending me these pretty stuff
and cheering me up  photo icon_happy.gif


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