Time spent indoors..

Dear Readers and Friends stopping by,

Thank you for your concern and kind remarks over the past few days on the Haze Situation in Singapore. We hit the high level of PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) 400 on Thursday 20th June and right now as I’m typing the PSI has gone back down to the Normal Range. We had clear skies yesterday (23rd June 2013) and more people were spending the weekend outdoor without the need to put on Face mask. The issue was that Face masks were out of stock last week. If you were selling face mask, humidifier, portable air-con, is like a blooming business, everything is sold out within days.

When I’m put in this kind of situation, it kind of set me into thinking. What will you do in crisis like this? I know is nothing serious, it not like there are Zombies out in the street biting people. (I managed to watch World War Z on Saturday, the thought of people infected with Zombie virus is still staying in my head). But we were robbed of by Fresh Air, so, I was really thinking hard… So Seriously, what will you do when you need to stay indoors?

For me, I was practicing this Mantra while staying indoor.

keep-calm-and-craft-on-192(Source: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk)

My hubby was already going mad. He does not like staying indoors, so half the time, he was playing computer game, catching up with sleep, watching telly, etc.

I was happy to stay indoors. Cos’ I managed to pop by the library to check out some books and was finishing up the SAL with Oh Sew Tempting and trying out new sewing pattern. Just to show you some of the things I’ve done. ( Please pardon the messiness  photo kuso.gif)

Had practice with some Ribbon Embroidery.


Catching up with some reading.
My favorite author just came out with this new book
~ The last Runaway.


We also managed to swing by the supermarket and bought milk, eggs, bread, chips and stock up whatever we need to. I happened to find a box of face mask in the post-office and sent it over to my best friend’s house. She has a new-born and is worried about the pollutants levels, especially looks bad for a new-born where his lung system is not fully developed yet.

Everyone seems to be in a panic state last week. This week seems to be a different story, we are much prepared with all the things we need. So life still goes on in this little red dot, things are going back to normal.

I hope the change in wind direction will stay like that for the next few days. I’m *Praying* very hard for the PSI to stay within the Normal Range. Wishing for rain and clear skies.. will be great if there is some rainbow too..  photo tumblr_inline_mgpccbWe411qdlkyg_zpsbdf5ce8d.gif

 photo cutecolorsfae8b.gif


23 thoughts on “Time spent indoors..

  1. well done on all your crafting this week
    and fingers crossed that pollution levels go even lower

    • Hello Claire,
      Thank you for stopping by today.. and we are all *praying* hard that the pollution levels will go even lower and back to normal days again.. Thank goodness that past few days there was a change in wind direction.. and we are hopping it stays like that.. 😉

  2. Haha you saw World War Z!! NO SPOILERS 😀 Glad to hear life’s coming back to normal there, good luck! xx

    • Hi zachandclem,
      heehee.. yup.. Is the best zombies show ever.. well.. maybe I should have watched some comedy and not zombies show at this moment.. LOL..
      but thank you for your comment and stopping by.. I’ve also followed your blog.. 😀

  3. I do hope the winds blows the pollution away very soon. Also, what a wonderful pouch you have made with your blackwork. I love red and white 🙂 I’ve taken the photo for the gallery. I hope you don’t mind. I also love your ribbon embroidery. I haven’t tried it yet myself but it looks very effective 🙂 Avis x

    • Hello Avis,
      thank you for stopping over today and we’re *crossing fingers* for the change in wind direction to blow all pollution away too..
      I hope to join more of your SAL again and yes, please take any picture you like for your Blog.. thank you for your encouragement all these while.. much appreciated.. 😀

  4. The story about your pollution in Singapore has even made it to the news channels in the UK – it looks really terrible! I think, like you, if I was stuck indoors I would either be on my laptop, or doing some craft. Your finished SAL looks lovely – what a great idea to turn it into a purse! I am still putting the finishing touches to mine, but I will put it up on my blog soon. I hope things improve outside for you very soon.

    • wow.. didn’t know the situation has made it into UK/ international.. these past few days the air had been much better due to change of wind direction.. *crossing fingers it will stay like that*
      I hope to see your finished SAL soon.. will watch out for it on your blog.. thank you for popping over today.. 😉

    • thank you for your comment and we’ve calmed down more now.. and *crossing fingers* for better breathing air space..
      you take care too.. 😀

  5. I am glad to hear the pollution levels are back to normal. Must be so scary. You did great by crafting on and trying to take your mind off of it. Your stitchings look wonderful!

    • Hello Ginny,
      Thank you for stopping by today.. and your lovely comment.. Yes.. it was scary with the feeling of uncertainty.. But things does start to clear up now and we’re more prepared than before.. Is a lesson learnt.. 😀

  6. How scary! I know my husband would have a terrible time being ‘confined’ inside. It was very sweet of you to send the masks to your friend for her newborn – she must be so worried for her baby.

    Sending wishes that the wind direction helps – keep safe!

    • thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by today.. and Yes.. we are a little free with our movements now.. heehee.. 😀
      and the change of wind directions really helps for a while.. 😉

  7. Glad to hear your air quality is improving! It’s one thing to WISH we could stay inside and craft… But it’s just not the same being STUCK inside :-/ Love your pics! You certainly made the most of your indoor-down-time ❤

    • Hello Knittingwithheart,
      Thank you for dropping over and I’m so happy that the change of wind has really brought us good breathing space.. things are back to normal on this small little dot on the planet.. Was like quite a panic situation two weeks ago..
      I thank you for your concern.. 😀

      Cheers 😀

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