Haze Haze please go away..

HAZE(Source: from yahoo news)

Currently we are having this Bad Haze in Singapore (See picture as above).
I can’t believe the Pollution Standard Index has been creeping up since last night from 200+ to 350 and we are still hovering at 300+ ( Hazardous level). I guess I better stay indoors today..
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22 thoughts on “A HAZY Day

  1. Ooh! That doesn’t look good. I hadn’t realised there could be such a problems with air pollution in Singapore. 😦 I guess it’s nice to have an excuse to stay in and do some crafting, but I’m not sure that it’s worth having all that smog.

    • The haze is due to the forest fire in Sumatra, Indonesia. Has worsen the past few days. There is this lingering burnt smell in the air.. 😦
      making quite hard to breadth..

  2. Wow, that is pretty thick! Sorry to hear about the forest fires. Hopefully the winds will blow it away soon so that you can venture outside again.

    • yup.. *praying hard* that it will be over soon.. there’s just this lingering smoke smell in the air.. it felt like a huge Bon-fire night.. But the smoke had kind of lasted for many days.. 😦

  3. We get some pretty insane forest fires here in the interior of British Columbia, so I feel your pain! I hate the feeling of being trapped in doors because the smoke’s so thick you can’t breathe. My fingers are crossed for you that it will all pass soon! On a happy note, thank you for all your beautiful posts. I especially love the ones about your mail exchanges and joined Swap Bot a couple of days ago. Thank you for helping me find this new adventure!

    • thank you for your kind words and encouragement..
      and I’m happy to know you are on Swap-bot.. Happy swapping and hope we can be swap-pals soon.. 😀

  4. SEVERELY DISLIKE!!! Every year it’s the same story over there…and it’s awful news that it’s so bad this time. I hope you’re managing to find some good breathing space for yourself!

    • yup.. it has gone quite bad this afternoon… PSI was like 400.. 😦 it has dipped down slightly now..
      face mask are all sold out.. hmmmm.. I’m staying put at home..
      managed to grab some essential groceries last evening and also some library books.. at least I got something to keep me accompany.. emmm.. *crossing fingers and praying hard that the wind will change its course of direction..

        • thank you.. PSI came down today (sat) so we went out to get some fresh air.. glad there was some change in wind direction.. 😀 you have a great weekend ahead.. 😀

            • yup.. is really worrying for Malaysia with PSI 700.. The change of wind is really our savior.. and it seems like the pollutants had floated over to Malaysia Side.. 😦
              emmm.. is just that this period of the year.. there’s no rain here.. so that’s really devastating..

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