*Oops* I did it again…

… …

20130618_16084020130618_160724 20130618_160732
*Miss Anna showing off with the shrug*

But this time.. It was crocheted in Black with No frills..
And I totally LOVE it.  photo hearts-1_zps28dc2d68.gif
The lacy part of the Shrug Pattern really showed up very well. This is a gift to My mom’s friend, Miss Anna, she is parting us soon and I thought making a shrug will be a perfect gift for her.

I took a few pictures with the shrug too..

20130618_161254 20130618_162117

Slightly longer that the previous one, as Miss Anna wanted it to be looser and not waist  hugging.. And the shrug looks well with my pink top..  photo tumblr_meh7gusrfu1qdlkyg_zps374d4540.gif


And I’m so going to make one in Black for myself.. heehee
I’ve got to go back to this week SAL.. I’m a little behind time for week 5..
Will post more updates later.. Happy crafting everyone. photo tumblr_m7efdhWLFX1qdlkyg_zps2dfb1daa.gif

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20 thoughts on “*Oops* I did it again…

  1. I’m sure Miss Anna will love the shrug – it’s so delicate and lacy. And I think black is a great colour because it matches with everything!

    • Hi Okecrafer,
      thank you for stopping by today and your lovely comment.. heehee.. is just that all along I was afraid in using a darker yarn shade.. it was a challenge.. But now I’ve overcome it.. *yipee*

    • Hi Azurachan,
      thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by today..
      the pattern is free for sharing.. you can view it on my blog (earlier post)..
      cheers, Angela 😀

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