Welcome Happy Mail + Postcard Giveaway

Dear lovely readers and friends who stopped by,

For this week, I’ve received happy Postcards which had swamped through my mailbox.
There are from Finland, Taiwan,Thailand and Lovely USA.


This Postcard has traveled all the way from Finland, and what makes me happy was the lovely stamp that was stick on it.


Is Moomin Mama from Finland photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif. I was even surprise to see a Moomin Priority Sticker. This really makes me smile.

Next was this glittering Postcard which had traveled all the way from USA, Las Vegas.. It is really glittery and pretty.


And next, is this Pretty view of Washington DC, with pretty stamps which me makes smiled too..20130615_16260820130615_162626 Oh.. I’m a huge fan of the Pixar Movie and love “Up”. So when I saw this stamp.. I was smiling  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif..

Next Postcard that came through was from Taiwan.
20130615_162826The sender had written in Traditional Chinese, and I’ve a little problem reading that. So I got my hubby to translate for me. He is better in Mandarin than I am. What I love about the postcard was the stamps pasted on it.. Such lovely kissing fishes on the most right hand corner.


Last but not, my favourite card of the week is from this lovely lady from USA. She send me a fairy postcard (my love).
20130617_014020The cool thing is that she stuck 10 stamps behind it (all make up of different denomination). I don’t know what is the international cost for someone to send a postcard out from USA to any part of the world.  But when I add up the sum on this postcard, it kind of tally to US$1.10? OMG.. 10 very vintage and lovely stamps.. it was an eye candy for me.. photo tumblr_m2c74fZZb71qdlkyg_zpsc0b315f5.gif
Wow.. what a week of mail mails that past through my mailbox. So I was thinking.. I should also make my readers happy as I see some increased of followers over the past 2 days, plus recently, I’ve purchased 100 Pieces of Fairy postcards by Mary Cecilia Barker.


Now this is where the fun part comes.
(ONLY for Followers of this blog)
The First 3 followers who commented “Send me a Fairy Postcard”   will receive 1 Fairy postcard from Me.
I will randomly choose a postcards from the Fairy Box to send it out to you.

So hurry let your fingers do the quick job. Hopefully in a week or so.. you will have some happy mail coming into your mailbox too.. photo tumblr_m7efdhWLFX1qdlkyg_zps2dfb1daa.gif



15 thoughts on “Welcome Happy Mail + Postcard Giveaway

  1. Send me a Fairy Postcard !
    P.S: I sent away my replie last week, so it will probably arrive in a few days if the post works as fast as they did the last time:)
    Where have you got this Fairy Box including postcards from? It looks so pretty.

    • hi pastelhell,
      thank you for following my blog.. and Yes.. I will send you a fairy postcard.. can you email me your mailing address please.. You can find my email on the left hand side of my blog (under contact me).. thank you 😀

  2. Oh no, I missed it! Never mind…I’m still hoping that we will be paired in a swap-bot swap at some point! I love the postcards that you have received…they are all lovely! Your postman must know you personally now! I currently have two postcards travelling via postcrossing so I’m hoping they will arrive soon so I can get some in return…they take forever to get there from the UK…the average is well over 20 days! It will be worth the wait though 🙂 plus I’m hoping to get another one sent on Thursday when I get paid 🙂 I’m going to London next week too so I am hoping to pick up a selection of postcards ready to send out 🙂

    • Hi Hannah..
      yipeee!!. you going to london.. *jumping up and down*… cool… be sure to visit liberty and please post some pretty pictures for us to see yah..
      yes.. and i do hope we got paired up the next time.. oh.. my postcards had reach Russia.. guess what.. after 56 days.. that’s like almost 2 months.. so..
      and I recently received something from Russia.. Postmarked on 1st May.. I got it on 14th June.. so.. (more than 40 days)

      • Oh wow…Russia just must have a really slow postal service! My postcard to China that was travelling 6 times as far and set off two days later has overtaken it and arrived today! Hopefully it will reach St. Petersburg soon and I will send a couple more on Thursday. I will definitely take lots of photos!

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