Pretty Postcards and Stamps passing through this week..


These were the pretty postcards that passed through my mailbox this week. What I really like is the one from Isle of Wright. It showed a map of the place.. I’ve never been there before and would definitely want to visit some day.  photo tumblr_m7gk3k6W7M1r86b3d.png

20130608_150608I saw this pretty series of Justice, Freedom and Liberty stamps at the back of a postcard send from USA. OMG.. love it totally.

20130608_15025220130608_150351On two of the Mails send from USA.. I found these pretty stamps and post-marking. Yipee.. At least the mailman is working.. I’ve receive some packages/postcards without post-marking. I like to see what kind of ?rubber stamp,( I’m not sure what these are really call, so please feel free to correct me) the mailman used. I do love stamps, they are so pretty like some artwork, but smaller in size. They could be some source of inspiration to us. Not sure if you agree with me?


And, one of the fastest Mail I ever received is from Christina in Switzerland over at Letteraddicted. I’m impressed with the post-marking. There are two different ones and very pretty looking and accurately stamped. OMG. Great-work to Mr. Postmen at Switzerland. I love this.  photo Hearts-Icon_zps36b79cd1.gif

Thanks for stopping by and till next week.
I hope you have some happy mails waiting at your mailbox too..
 photo smile_021_zpsdca5e7de.gif


13 thoughts on “Pretty Postcards and Stamps passing through this week..

  1. I can see my letter! I’m so happy that it arrived safely. I must use two stamps because they don’t sell one for international letters (1.60 Fr.) 😀 I think they are a bit boring but yes, can’t wait to get your letter!

  2. There’s also an Equality stamp in that series; guess the sender didn’t need that much postage. *laugh*

    That first photo of the postcards would make a really nice cross-stitch chart.

    • oh really.. thank you for telling me that I’m missing One piece out.. emmm.. I got to go in-search of that missing piece 😀

  3. Great mail. Stamps and their post marks are very interesting. I used to collect canceled stamps off of letters from my mail and friends mail. Especially overseas mail as they have the best stamps and post marks. You have a really nice stash of stamps there.

    • heehee.. please put up some pictures to share with us when you got happy mail.. I love to see what’s coming through your mailbox.. 😀

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