Always time for Tea



I’ve finally finished this small cross stitch project which was a freebie in a magazine. Now it is hanging on my Kitchen Wall. Yes.. It is acting as a reminder to me that I should stop to have a cup of tea, and maybe some ginger snaps biscuits..
Especially at 3pm daily!
Wishing you happy crafting over the weekend.

 photo Tea_icon_by_Silly_Peach_zps2e7bf4c1.gif

13 thoughts on “Always time for Tea

    • hee hee… thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by.. on your blog, I read you are travelling .. Have fun and hope to see you post with pretty travel pictures.. Safe travels 😀

    • Yes.. Totally agree with you.. the Hanger is really pretty.. especially b’cos of the twister heart-shape.. 😀
      heehe.. for me I picked up the tea-drinking@3pm habit when I was living in Australia.. heehee.. 😀

  1. I have that kit. I’m thinking about stitching it with one minor alteration. It’ll have to say Coffee instead of Tea 🙂

    Yours has come out beautifully.

    • Hi Carole..
      Me too made a slight alternation of the colour.. somehow the set I got was packed without the darker blue thread.. and I just used whatever darker blue thread I had.. heehee 😀
      hope to see how yours turned out..

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