Small winning, Big winning + Contest Result

The Month of May have really brought me much happiness.
The small winning begins with this lovely post-stick pad which I’ve won over at Molly J.  Molly blogs about arts, photography and humor. Do pop over and see her blog if these topics interest you.

20130514_22354020130514_223606 (1)

Look at the pretty Post-stick pad cover and the little note that came with it. I love it. Thank you for sending me the pretty gift.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

Next was this pretty bookmark which travel all the way from Vietnam from Carolina from Carol Does the World. I love reading her travel blog as she was traveling through Asia. I’ve not been to Cambodia or Vietnam yet, and I must say she is really brave to make the travel in some parts of Asia, especially taking a Bus from Kampot to Ho Chin Ming.


Safe travel where-ever you are Carolina and thank you for the lovely bookmark from Vietnam.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

Last Small Win was a lovely set of item with pretty packaging sent all the way from USA. I’ve just retrieved it from the Post-Office.
It is from Sweet Little Sparrow.
I’m thrilled with the gift-box and pretty note-card.
20130601_121137 20130601_121212I’m going to use this when I go to some party. Really love this.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

So my Big Win-Came through last evening, on the last day of May (31/5).
I received an email from Alison@ Myriddin Publishing.
The thing was this email was in my Spam-box instead of Inbox, luckily for me, I usually will browse through the Spam title before deleting the Spam mails away.
And I’ve won a US$100 Amazon Voucher.
gift cardI’m ecstatic *jumping up and down*

estatic photo: estatic estatic.gif.. Ahhhhh…
The voucher came in just in time for all the books I want for Summer reads. Thank you so much.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

After all this excitement and Happiness, now is my turn to announce the winner for the contest for More Recycling + a giveaway

So Drum roll please…
estatic photo: Bunny-Estatic 25.gif

estatic photo: Bunny-Estatic 25.gif
Contest Result
The Random Number Generator picks No. 5 reader from the Comment List (excluding my comments and also Hannah’s Comment).

So the Winner is OkeCrafter from Stitches ‘N ‘Dream. She has been contacted for the giveaway. Thank you all for entering and stay tuned for more giveaways. Have a fabulous weekend ahead.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

11 thoughts on “Small winning, Big winning + Contest Result

    • Hee hee 😀 The gift-card does come in handy to purchase any items from Amazon.. I’m really happy about it. I’ve also followed you on wordpress. 😉

    • Hi Hannah..
      thank you for your comment.. heehee..
      I’m going to buy some craft books and maybe something for a giveaway too.. heehee.. love to make my readers happy.. 😉

  1. Many congratulations on your fantastic Amazon win – I’m sure you will have great fun using it. Thank you for the giveaway gift too! What a lovely idea.

    • Hi OkeCrafter,
      Thank you for stopping by today.. heehee.. the Amazon win came in handy for some books which I would like to purchase and tick off from the wishlist.. 😉
      Your giveaway gift is on the way.. 😉

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