Overflowing Postcards and Mails in the Mailbox

Hello My readers and Friends who Stopped by,

I’m excited to show you some overflowing Happy Mails in my Mailbox this week.  I was overwhelmed by the number of small packages that were stuffed in my Mailbox.

I love the feeling of seeing these Happy Mails that flood my mailbox rather than the usual Bills/Bank mails. It really brightens my day, and  I always share this Happiness with my husband as we have fun looking through all the beautiful things inside the package.

The Postcards that come through this week. These are from the USA. Top Left hand corner is from California, followed by Michigan and a Arty Postcard exchange. Next to it feature the beautiful Botanical Gardens in New York City. I’m love all postcards from USA as the cards give me a small insight of the beautiful places in the States.

And I have to also thank Rehana  over at Rehana’s Realm for sending me these lovely vintage postcard from Japan. I love the Black and White Photos. I’ve also send one Black and White Photo From Singapore to her. Hope she will get it soon.
Last but not least, this pretty postcard come across from the border, Malaysia, all the way from the city center; Kuala Lumpur. A very talented artist who had hand-drawn the city center Map on the Postcard. I love it so much. Thank you very much to my Swap-bot Partner Newsong. An additional interesting thing is the pretty lighthouse stamp at the back of the postcard. Love it.  photo mail_zpsbf1384a7.png

20130530_11344720130530_113505So do keep these pretty postcards coming in and
I will write back to you too.
Cheers to Happy Mails.  photo smile_021_zpsdca5e7de.gif

16 thoughts on “Overflowing Postcards and Mails in the Mailbox

  1. Oh wow…what an exciting bundle! I too have all sorts of exciting post to share now that I am back to blogging! Just about to pick up a parcel from the post office too…swap-bot and postcrossing are so addictive!!!

    • heehe.. I’m sure you’ve picked up some happy mail from the Post office.. I’m waiting to see your swaps over swap-bot.. can’t wait.. hope you’ve gotten the Parcel.. 😉

      • I did but it wasn’t a swap-bot parcel sadly. On the plus side…it was something I had ordered that I had forgotten about! I did get some stunning postcards in the post today from a swap which was nice…they were beautiful! I’ll be sharing them all in the next few days 🙂

  2. It’s been a long time since I can remember opening up the mailbox and beaming at the bundle of nice things that’s sitting inside. I ought to do something about that! Haaa…

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