Interesting freebies in Crafty-kind-of-Magazines

Hello my lovely readers and friends who stopped by,

Wow.. Can’t believe we are 2 days away from end of May and we are moving into June soon. So Half a year just passed us like that.. Hop the earlier half of the year had been kind to you.

As for me, I have been spending most of my Lunch money on May’s Crafting kind of Magazines. I just can’t resist buying them as these magazines came with fabulous freebies. I thought I might as well share it with you and maybe you can purchase them, before the Month End. I think most of my purchase this time are UK-type of magazines.. For my UK readers, if you are heading to WHSmith rememebr to watch out for these magazines…

20130522_213320My all-time favorite Cross Stitcher Magazine is giving away a Needle Tin this month. I love this kind of small tins which comes in handy for me to put my pins, needles and loose threads.

Next, is The World of Cross Stitching, is giving away a 2-in-1 stitch kit. Look at the beautiful Heart Hanger. Plus the Always Time for tea Cross Stitch Kit. I’m actually doing this small kit now. I can’t wait to have it all done and hanging in my Kitchen.

20130522_213506I don’t normally buy CraftSeller. But This month, they are giving away free Rubber Stamps.. Ahhh.. 10 pieces of them in total. All pretty crafted with “Handmade” signature on them.. I’m so excited to have them stamped all on my hand-made items.

Also, if you want to win a giveaway, there is still time for you to join in the fun.
Click here to the page.
I wish you well and good weather ahead.  photo rabbit04.gif
I’m off stitching now and I will try to post something soon.
Happy Crafting.  photo 1002_zps60f03fca.gif



2 thoughts on “Interesting freebies in Crafty-kind-of-Magazines

  1. lots of lovely gifts and ideas indeed ^^
    I let my subs to CrossStitcher run out about a year ago because I had piles and piles of mags and never really got around to doing the freebie gifts.

    • heehee.. me too.. there are piles of free cross stitch kits pilling up… maybe I have to do giveaways more often to de-stash them.. 😉

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