More Recycling Ideas + a Giveaway

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Greetings! I hope things have been well on your side.

Finally, I can share this tutorial with you. I’m happy that all of my swap-partners have received their item(I’m going to show you in a while) which I have hand-made for them. The cool thing is that all 3 of my swap-partners rated me a 5 and gave me a heart for this swap over swap-bot. I’m thrilled! For this swap, we have to send 2 teabags to 3 partners. For me, I used some recycled items to contain (I call them the tea- bag envelope) the individual wrapped tea-bags.

For this small recycling idea, this was what I used for the
tea-bag envelope:
Yes, you got me: Yoghurt Carton!

The carton is really steady and I feel sad when I got to throw them away. Anyway  the  cardboard really makes a good backing for the tea-bag. IF you are keen to make the tea-bag envelope, the materials below are needed for this tutorial:


Firstly, choose a carton with this kind of backing.20130423_132324

Something with a flap behind so that it can stand by itself. For the fancy paper, it was a free gift I’ve received when I purchased some magazines previously. You may use any kind of paper, but try not to use origami paper. As some origami paper tends to be very thin and flimsy.
Recommended type of fancy paper at least of 150 gsm in weight.

After having all the materials ready, the steps to the made-up is as follows:

Step 1: Apply the glue tape behind the carton packing.

Step 2: After measuring the Fancy Paper, fold the side of the fancy paper inwards. Do that for the back as well.

Step 3: You will have a tea envelope like that.
Which Can Stand by itself, how cool is that.


Step 4: Cut out the envelop-slide piece as below. For me, instead of cutting straight, I cut it at a diagonal angel like the one below. And using the glue tape, glue the sides and bottom, after which, place it onto the backing.

Step 5: Lastly you may decorate the tea-bag envelope with any embellishments you fancy. This tea-bag envelope will only contain 2 tea bags. Below showed the three pieces of my work which I’ve sent to my swap partners.

20130423_144500 As for you my lovely readers, I have made an extra piece for you too. Now this is the interesting part, you can leave me a comment on what are your favorite kind of tea and I will do a random number draw on the 1st June 2013. The lucky winner will win this (Special Hand-made tea bag envelope containing Jasmine and Chamomile tea):
20130522_110708and (+) a little surprise from me.

So very easy to enter this giveaway:
1. You MUST to be a follower of this blog.
(I’ll ship internationally.)
2. Leave a comment on what is your favorite kind of tea to enter.
3. Closing date: 31st May 2013.
And I will do a draw on the 1st June.

Have fun and good luck.  photo Tea_icon_by_Silly_Peach_zps2e7bf4c1.gif

29 thoughts on “More Recycling Ideas + a Giveaway

  1. You’re so innovative with the tea envelope! I don’t think I could have thought of something so clever yet so simple! Anyway, I’m a tea lover and have a variety of tea that I really enjoy. But the my go-to tea for relaxing is French Earl Grey.It’s a really beautiful blend 🙂

    • Hi Knitxpressions,
      Thank you for joining in the fun…
      Ohhhh.. French Earl Grey.. I have not taste that yet.. Usually we got the Earl Grey from Twinning (TWG).. But I love Earl Grey in the late afternoon instead of the morning.. something to clam me down if I need to.. 😉

      • Earl Grey is nice, but French Earl Grey is infused with flowers so it gives Earl Grey a soft and flowery touch and smell. It’s really nice and do try when you get the chance. The only place in Sg that I know has it is TWG, but it somehow tastes less flowery than the blend I can buy here in Aus. But yes, if French Earl Grey is not available, then Earl Grey is my go-to tea. 🙂

        • Hi Knitxpressions,
          Thank you for sharing with us the difference.. I will pop by TWG to see if they have French Earl Grey here in Singapore.. 🙂 Hopefully I will try to taste it one day.. 😉

  2. Lovely idea for the tea envelope and it’s great to reuse packaging paper that would otherwise go lost (although I do recycle unneeded paper with the local facilities).
    My favourite tea is jasmine tea or any type of light green tea, especially the dragon pearl type! other types of herbal teas are also very nice. Which one is your favourite? Thank you for the giveaway 🙂 have a great day!

    • Hi there,
      thank you for joining us for the giveaway..
      My favourite tea is Japanese green tea, flower-based tea and also Jasmine tea.. heeehee.. 😉
      Have a great day ahead wherever you are.. 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I would never have thought of doing something like this!!! Unfortunately I’m not a tea drinker but good luck to everyone entering the giveaway 🙂

  4. I am amazed at what can be made using recycled materials. I love fruity teas (e.g. cherry and cinnamon), and also delicate teas such as lapsong souchong, which has a beautiful smoky flavour. Do you know about the craft of tea-bag folding, which began by using the little paper enveloped from individual teabags? It’s one of my favourite hobbies!

    • Hi OkeCrafter,
      Thank you for stopping by today. Oh… I’ve not tried cinnamon tea before.. But i do love the aroma and taste of it.. And Yes.. I love the tea-bag folding craft too.. heehee.. so i can put in loose tea leaves.. heehee.. I will post one of the tea-bag folding craft soon.. Watch out for it.. 😛

    • Hi Lasciviouskisses,
      Thank you for stopping by today and entering the contest. Here in Asia, we have the Bubble red milk tea which is a highly sought after drink. Most of the Singaporeans love this type of milk drink. 😉

    • Hi Natalie… thanks for stopping by… and entering the contest.. Oh btw.. have you receive your cross stitch kit which you’ve won last time??

      • Yes I did thank you! I thought I let you know, apologies! Thanks so much, it’s waiting for me at home to do over the Summer when i’m home from University 🙂

        • heehee.. no problems.. I thought it got lost in the mail.. maybe you were too busy with school work.. sure.. hope to see you do the cross stitch over Summer.. Have fun in Uni.. 😉

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