Incoming Postcards… and sending my Love to Vanessa

My Dear Readers and friends who stopped by,

Over the past week, I’ve received beautiful postcards from all over the world. Have a look at the collection that come true my mailbox this week.

On the top right hand corner is a postcard from Krabi Thailand, Oh I love the crystal clear water and the beach scene.

Next to it, is send all the way from France. It showed the Louvre Museum. I love the Louvre museum, as it housed many beautiful paintings. One of the many beautiful paintings you will find the ever famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci~ Mona Lisa

Below it is from Latvia (from post-crossing).
This showed the Livs Square. What I love on the Postcard was the stamps. They are so pretty.20130521_203001
Underneath it is from Thailand (from post-crossing), this show the image of  The Phra Mongkol Bophit Buddha.

On the Left hand corner, is a Postcard sent all the way from Munich. This was a private swap with Vanessa over at Love, Love, Love postcards wordpress. I saw that she was missing a postcard from Singapore and have sent one to her.
In return, she send me a lovely postcard from Munich, Germany.
20130521_203046So if you visit her Blog and see that she is missing something from her list, you can send some happy mail to her too.  photo smile_021_zpsdca5e7de.gif

And also, one of the happy mails which I have received earlier on was a hand-made postcard with a quote from USA !20130514_221041
Since I’ve been rated (rated 5 + 2 hearts) over swap-bot, I can show you what I’ve send out too.

Another out-going mail from me was this postcard, a lady on a bicycle illustration. I’ve also got rated with 5 + a heart. This was for Say it with sticker Postcard swap.20130420_151833 20130420_151900
I’m So Happy to receive all these happy mails.
Thank you so much for the happy mail.  photo ticket_zpsa786e01c.gif  By the way, if you want a postcard from Singapore, Don’t be shy to ask, I will send you one too. Just let me know if you want a touristy looking one or something like above, postcard with a quote/ illustration one. We can send each other some happy mail too.
I wish you having fun always!

7 thoughts on “Incoming Postcards… and sending my Love to Vanessa

  1. Ooh I love all of your lovely post! I’m just putting together some bundles of postcards for swaps so hopefully there will be some post arriving at my door soon 😀 Mail going out of the UK seems to take FOREVER to get to its destination! Luckily I am managing to post pretty early to give it some extra time 🙂 I took your advice about the e-swaps too…I have taken part in a couple and they are nice and quick 😀 sadly I haven’t had many ratings from them yet but hopefully people will be kind enough to rate soon

  2. Hello Hannah ;),
    I hope you are having over swap-bot/ post-crossing.. the e-swaps then to rate quickly cos’ most of us wants the rating to go up.. so hopefully they will rate soon..
    and I hope to see you incoming happy mail soon… 😉

    • Hi Currie Rose,
      Thank you for your comment and stopping by.. Yup.. sort of Like Random Acts of Kindess.. I also got some Postcard exchanges from Swap-bot and Postcrossing too.. I’m also doing private Swaps with some bloggers too..
      These are fun ways to exchange Postcards.. 😉
      Have fun always..

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