SAL with Avis @ Oh Sew Tempting

Greetings my readers and friends who stopped by,

Hope you had a fruitful weekend.

This week, I’m having a SAL with Avis over at Oh Sew Tempting and we are doing Blackwork this time.

I love the geometric design and simplicity of blackwork. I’ve also read that blackwork, is a form of embroidery and is usually done using black thread. From wiki, they also explained that Blackwork was known in England before 1500 and historically was used on shirts/chemise/smocks in England from the time of Henry VIII. How nice to have all these motifs on your clothing.

So from my picture, you can see, I’m not really using black thread. Personally, I love the designs of the hearts and I just feel that using black will make it looks too serious. I’ve used DMC 816 for this SAL.


We’re in week 1, and I’ve only taken less than 2 hour for Part 1. So there is still time for you to join in. Part 2 will starts in 4 days time. Hope you can join in the fun with us.  photo 1002_zps60f03fca.gif




8 thoughts on “SAL with Avis @ Oh Sew Tempting

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have now signed up as well, although I will need to do a bit of catching up I think! I agree that black would look a bit serious for this design – I am off to take a look in my thread box and see what I can find…..

    • Hello OkeCrafter,
      Thank you for stopping by today.
      Yes.. Do sign up and put up a post.. Do link back to Oh Sew Tempting. Have fun stitching and hope you can find a great color for the work.. 😉

  2. Thank you for linking to my Stitch Along 🙂 Your work is really lovely and I’ve put your photo in the gallery with the others. Everyone is welcome to join in. I’m keeping all of the stages very small so even people with very little spare time will be able to create something beautiful. Have fun! Avis x

    • Hi Hannah,
      thanks for the comment.. yup.. me too..can’t wait for the next week’s SAL..
      this is really fun cos Avis is keeping all of us in suspense till round 2 😉

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