Upcyling and Recycling…

Hello my readers and friends who stopped by,

Wow, can’t believe is already Thursday, and the days just passed me by while I’m happily crafting.

You will be wondering why this title today and how is it related to craft?
All I have to say is that, I am busy up-cycling and recycling items. Well, being the wife of the ex-president of the Environment Club in College is tough sometimes. We have very extreme ways of living. The fact is, I’m a pack rat while my hubby is a minimalist. Lol.. so in a way, things can be quite interesting for us sometimes.

My Husband is very pro-recycling and we join the bi-monthly recycling project in our community. Every household is given this yellow bag for the collection of recycled item. So, each week, we will clear away milk bottles, jars, toilet rolls, plastic bags etc, and put them into this recycling bag. And at the end of 2 weeks the Project Worker will come and clear the yellow bag away, and will provide us with new bags for the next 2 weeks.

As we have been part of this project for sometime now and with this huge influence from my dear hubby, in a way, I’ve also been trying to up-cycle items. When I see a pretty box or jar I will try to think what I could do with it instead of throwing away. Usually I kind of store stuff in them, as I’m a pack rat and I need many boxes, jars etc, to hold items. Hahaha, so you can see the frustration from my husband.

So Today, I’m sharing some of my Up-cycling items. Previously this pretty box contained yummy treats from Japan. There were yummy biscuits, but I love the box so much that I didn’t want to throw away. As they can hold my sewing threads from  left over project.20130516_121212


So I up-cycle by cross stitching a spool, add a pretty button. Then paste it over the wordings. Tah-dah, so this is how the box looks like after up-cycle.
20130516_122159And the Jar next to it, previously contained Salsa Sauce. We’ve washed it clean and now it holds all my pretty buttons. Well, I have also have another Salsa Jar, and what I did was to place all my crochet hooks inside. This one has a crochet beaded collar.


Heehee.. So much for today. So I hope you are also up-cycling some items too. Happy Crafting.  photo Winky.gif


18 thoughts on “Upcyling and Recycling…

  1. Your upcycled box and jars are too cute! I have a couple of boxes full of jars and boxes that I just couldn’t throw away. I hope to use them for something in the future.

    • hello Ginny,
      thank you for stopping by.. heehee.. wow.. a box full of jars and boxes.. interesting.. maybe you will give them some “life” soon after you up-cycle them.. have fun.. 😉

  2. What lovely up-cycled things you have created. You have inspired me to think more carefully about my recycling – I always try hard to recycle things, but I don’t always make the effort to make them look pretty (e.g. my old buttons are stored in a boring margarine container!).

    • Hi OkeCrafter,
      Heehee.. I can’t wait to see some of your ideas on the margarine container.. Time to bring it back to “Life”.. heehee.. 😉

  3. I’d like to congratulate you on winning the “Super Sweet Blogging Award” ❤ To receive this award, simply copy & paste my post – http://graycrochet.wordpress.com/ , follow the rules, and spread some sweetness of your own! Thanks for being so fabulous! ^_^

  4. I love buttons! I don’t have a collection of them (yet) but if I do I’ll do what you’ve done for sure. What better way to store them and those jars on their own they make great displays too. By the way, here’s another recycling idea: I’ve once come across a small writeup somewhere about knitting with alternative materials (perhaps applicable to crochet too) such as strips of fabric from old clothes and strips of plastic bags. Maybe you can try doing that and push your recycling to greater heights 😉

    • Hello knitxpressions,
      thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment.
      Oh.. yes.. I want to try knitting/ crochet with different media.. Will try out someday.. thanks for the neat idea.

      Last year in one of our Girl Guide camps, I helped out to crochet with plastic. The girls love it.. I have not tried the knitted version though.. will do that one day.. 😉 have a lovely weekend ahead.

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