More Incoming Mails and Love

Hello my readers and new friends,

Ohhhh… I love those incoming mails and I’m so excited to open the letter box every afternoon.

So I’m sharing with you some of the mail that came through this week.

Firstly, a Handmade Postcard from Christina in USA, California.  Thank you so much Christina for your lovely quote and background Image.
Totally love it.  photo e02.gif


Secondly, My ever first postcard receive over Post-crossing, from Emily. It took me a while to recognize this Postcard, cos I’ve not logged onto Post-crossing for a while. Seems like no one is sending me pretty postcard over at that portal until this one came through yesterday. Anyhow, this card has traveled for 7 days over 10 000 km from Trondheim, Norway.  Thank you Emily for Sending me a city view of this lovely place.

20130514_223102Lastly, a small lovely package from Essex UK, from Annie. Ahhh… She added extras for this swap. We were supposed to send 2 tea bags, but this kind lady added a sweet postcard and some beads. I’m so going to write back to her and thank her for her kindness.  photo Tea_icon_by_Silly_Peach_zps2e7bf4c1.gif

20130514_223358That’s all for the lovely incoming mail this week. I will share some outgoing ones soon.  photo smile_021_zpsdca5e7de.gif

5 thoughts on “More Incoming Mails and Love

  1. Oh wow, what lovely post! Yours always seems to be arriving! I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for something to drop through my letter box! Fingers crossed it won’t be too long now! I’ve send off one swap parcel and I’ll have a second and third on their way this week 🙂 I’m a little bit worried that the cross stitch fairy I have made won’t look impressive enough though because it is only 33×50 stitches…it didn’t feel like it took very long!

    • ohhh… Hannah.. I hope your mail will arrive for your soon.. Emmm… Is like when the post came.. it will be a few for me and other days there’s none.. so don’t worry. I’m sure when your’s come.. you will be so so busy opening all those package..
      And.. wow.. you already finished the cross stitch fairy for swap? I’m so so slow.. 😦 sigh! I’m still doing it.. heehee..

      • Well my postcrossing card has finally made it to Ukraine after 24 days! I’m so happy it finally arrived! Haha yeah I’m far too impatient 😉 hehe. Hopefully things will turn up soon! I always panic that the things I send will get lost in the post! Yeah I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my fairy so I started it as soon as I had my partner 🙂 I hope she likes it!

        • Yipeee…. finally something arrived… it just take time but, wow.. I can’t believe it takes 24 days!!! to reach.. considering UK is near to Ukraine then where I am..
          heehee.. I think i better go and get busy with the fairy cross stitch.. I’m not even half way done.. Oh My!

          • Haha I know! I had been looking at other postcards travelling from the UK to Ukraine and they take an average of 7 days so I don’t know what happened to mine! I’m just glad it arrived! Haha there is plenty of time yet 🙂 I was just eager! Hehe

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