Completed… Week 6 Mini-Sal


Yes, I’ve completed the Mini Sal over at Claire’s WordPress. I love the piece so much. There so many geometric shapes and the interesting bit is the symmetric pattern.

So the overall piece before the finishing.

20130514_121923 20130514_121929

And a close up version of the work. The addition of blackwork does give the gorgeous view of the geometric pattern.

20130514_150121For the finished product, I mount it onto a mini-canvas and place it on a mini easel. The finished work is placed with the rest of my mini cross stitch adventures.  I love this Mini-Sal. Thank you Claire.  photo e01.gif



10 thoughts on “Completed… Week 6 Mini-Sal

    • Hi Hannah,
      thank you for popping by. Heehee.. I managed to find this mini canvas (7.5cm by 7.5cm) and mini easel in a craft shop. Heehee.. Love the design. All thanks to Claire who was leading the SAL 😉

    • Hi Ginny,
      Thanks for stopping by today and the lovely comment.
      Yes, I enjoyed stitching the, Especially making the geometric shapes.
      Have a lovely day ahead.. Cheers. 😉

  1. very cute finish ^^
    any chance of you sending me a photo so I can add it to the gallery? some SALers are looking for finishing inspiration, and your idea will appeal

    • Hee hee.. Oh great..gald to hear this post has inspired you.. I would like to see the post of ATC when completed… I have never done one before and would like to see one.

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