Stitching on other Medium

Aloha my readers, and those who just joined us,

Wow, I cannot believe that the days just zoomed by like that. Is already Sunday Evening where I am now. Gosh, where have all the time gone to?

This week I have not been crafty. Emmm.. Or rather,I was having a time out and finding some crafty inspiration. Interesting enough, I’ve read some posts on stitching on Paper. Yes you heard me, Paper.

This is something I’ve not tried yet. So I thought I will provide some links for you to read too. Maybe it may inspire you to do it as well.

1. The Making Spot provides free pattern and tutorial on How to Cross Stitch on paper.

stitch on paper

Source: From Making Spot Stitching on paper Tutorial

2. Some of the blog which I’m following or chanced upon are also doing these inspiring embroidery on Paper medium.

a. Over at Cross stitches and Keepsake: Embroidered Notebook
b. Over at Learning to Embroider: Seoul; Embroidered postcard
c. Over at Stringing Popcorn: I Love my Mom
d. Over at Caroline: Stitching it together: a family art collection day for Mother’s Day

3. And I leave you with another interesting tutorial which I’ve found over the internet. Happy reading. Maybe I will try on stitching on some paper medium one day.

How to Embroidery on Paper
How to Embroidery a Greeting Card

Go check these awesome links out. I’m so going to try my hands on Stitching on Paper.Happy reading and crafting.  photo 1002_zps60f03fca.gif


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  1. I’m eager to have a go at stitching on paper…I think it looks so pretty! Unfortunately I have a long list of stitching projects that need to be completed first for birthdays and Christmas though so it will have to wait for now.

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