Yipee!!!! Finally I’ve Completed it.. My First Evenweave Work

Hi Lovely Readers, and those who just joined us, warmly Welcome,

I had a fabulous weekend. I managed to see my dad, mom, sis and brother. I missed them. Well, is like, when I was still staying in the Family House, I just wanna get out, but after getting out, I miss those noise at home, those jokes and laughter back at home.
Yup.. Moving out made me tear sometimes.
Well one of the best thing is Mom commented that I’m looking good these days and there’s some kind of Glow on my Face.. Hee hee.. All thanks to good sleep, no mad rush in the morning , happily crafting, blogging and swapping life that I’m getting my self into now.

So, enough of these emo talking. Hehee.. Now for the most exciting thing is that I want to share is… I’ve finished the Beautiful Mermaid of Copenhagen.. Yipeee!!! finally my first evenweave work.. All done.. Emmm.. But I’ve not thought about how to frame it though.. That I will leave to my Husband. He is good with that kind of mechanical stuff.

And now for the photo time..
20130506_113841 20130506_113927Completed Work against the souvenirs I’ve bought from Copenhagen.
I really missed Denmark, I hope I can visit again.  photo icon_happy.gif

22 thoughts on “Yipee!!!! Finally I’ve Completed it.. My First Evenweave Work

  1. Amazing! I really like that beautiful sculpture, is it already back in Copenhagen? I can remember that it has been moved to China because of the expo, it has been installed in the pavilion designed by Bjarke Ingels (BIG Architects). really nice

    • Thank you for your comment..heehee.. Well.. the last time I saw it was in 2011.. Not sure if it was moved to China for exhibition. But I love the sculpture. 😉

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for popping over today… Thanks for your comment.. and I guess after the uni work, you will be free and working full blast with your crafty work.. I can’t wait to see your completed work.. 😉

        • heehee.. me too.. sometime I just wish we don’t have to sleep.. well which kind of takes away 7-8hours of the day.. heehee.. ;P

          • Haha I know! I could get twice as much stuff done it I didn’t need to sleep! Also, I’m so excited because I have been assigned my partners for three of my swaps today! I better get busy! Luckily I already have the stuff for the ‘Hello I’m from…’ one because that was pretty easy to get so I’m preparing for the next two now 😀 The next one is a mail art one which someone set up for me privately but I’m slightly nervous because I’ve never done mail art before and art isn’t my strong point…I hope they aren’t disappointed! Eek!

            • yipeee… finally you can join in the fun.. 😀 Oh.. have you got assigned for your Fairy Cross Stitch Partner?
              Please take a picture of your send out mail.. I want to take a look… esp mail art.. I have not done any of those yet. emmm.. hope to get some inspiration from you..

              • Yeah it is up on the site but I haven’t had the email yet…I’ve been waiting for it all day! Ooh yes there will definitely be photos! Haha I’m terrified of the idea of mail art! I googled it and some stunning things came up…there is no way I can make something like that!

    • Hi Ginny,
      Thanks for popping by today.. Yesssss… I’m so happy.. Now I got to think on how to frame it.. heehee.. 😉

  2. Oh, my! That’s awesome! The stitch is exactly same as your mermaid sculpture.

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