I’m at Bloglovin’ Now…

My dear readers,

I know this may not be something new to you, but after reading a post by Not Your Average Crochet, I’m inspired to connect with Bloglovin‘ too. I’ve seen many blogs that are doing this and for some time I was thinking how can I do that too. So Hannah Over at Not your average Crochet had inspired me to do this.

So now, yes, you can also follow me on Bloglovin’ by pressing the button at the side. For WordPress users, I’m writing down the step by step way on how to be on Bloglovin’ too.
Step 1: If you are interested in being on Bloglovin’, sign up at Bloglovin’ to have a free account.

Step 2: Return to your WordPress dashboard, Under “Appearance” Click Widget.

Step 3: At Widget, Insert “Text”, you can choose any URL buttons you like and viloa, your readers can follow you on Bloglovin’ too.
These are some sample follow buttons at Bloglovin’ that you can have on your Blog.
Follow on Bloglovin
Follow on Bloglovin

Have fun… photo Winky.gif


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