So the piece of Crochet work is….

….. A Shrug…


20130502_191622 20130502_191720
Heehee.. photo kuso.gif

So, the completed work  is a piece of shrug.. I needed it during cool days or when I visit the theaters. So the whole piece looks like this after all sewn up and added a little of frills at the wrist. I’ve used Moda Vera (Marvel), 8ply, 100% Acrylic yarn for the work and for the edges of the wrist, I’ve used Moda Vera (Nina Mesh), is a kind of Ruffle yarn.
These are two skeins of yarns which I’ve bought earlier on.

Oh.. and this is me sitting on the couch with the completed Work..
Fits me well though.


Oh.. I better head back to my stitching project soon.. I was a little distracted with this crochet project..Anyhow, I do love the outcome so much.

Thanks for taking time to write me those wonderful comments. photo party-birdie-icon.gifCheers.


12 thoughts on “So the piece of Crochet work is….

    • heehee… thank you.. 😉
      The work is based on 4 sets of alternating patterns.. and just building on the length.. after which the work is folded..I then measured my shoulder length to make an indication on how it can fit in…
      I guess maybe the breadth of the work was kind of narrow, so I may have mis-lead you to think that is was a scarf.. 😉

    • yep… heehee… but the tricky part is to measure the desired length.. Sewing up was another part which I’m not too good at. But I guess the end result is something I like. 😉

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