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Hi lovely readers,

On my of my earlier post, I wanted to share with you what Swap-bot and Swap Languages is about. So I thought I penned down my findings and share them here with you. Just in case you need the information and want to join in the fun too..

Swap-Bot is a fun way to exchange and swap things/ideas/etc.
It had made me to think for others, especially what they like and how they would like to achieve the item. In a way, this manner can help me to connect with outsiders and I feel that this is good for me and also making new friends around the world.

There is a rating system. 1,3,and 5.
1-Bad Rating, usually given because item is not received at all.

3-Middle Rating, usually given because item is badly made or not up to standard.

5- Good Rating, usually given because item received is well-made and up to receiver’s standard. And if the receiver likes it, they will give you an additional “Heart”

Also, over Swap-bot you will See acronyms like
“PC”- which means Postcards
“ATC”-which means Artistic Trading Cards
“Type 1”-means electronic/ email
“Type 2”- means flat mail like postcards/ crads
“Type 3”- means craft/ small packages

And as a beginner level of Swap-Bot, it can be quite daunting, as sometimes “newbies” are not allowed to enter some swaps and may be “banned” from it. The criteria depends on the swap leader. So is important to read them carefully.

For a start, I’m having fun swapping postcards first and when I’ve some ratings up, I will  join in the craft swaps. I want to get my hands doing an ATC. I’ve not done one in my life yet. I think I should try one day in doing that.

So that’s all for Swap-Bot. Oh, and if you want to insert pictures into your profile; Swap-Bot uses this Markdown text system. This is also something new to me, as I’ve never used this before. But the coding is: ![insert title](insert html code of the picture)
Yup, hope this helps. And this is free for you to sign up. Just that, when you join the swap, make sure you really really really, send your item out.

Oh and if you still need any tutorial, check this out. It is really helpful.

Have fun and happy swapping.


3 thoughts on “Swap-Bot and Swap Language

  1. Ooh thanks for the tips…I was so intimidated signing up to swaps because of all of the jargon that was use! I have currently signed myself up to two and I can’t wait to get started! There are also loads of swaps that I am watching in the hopes that I can build my rating up in time to take part in them!

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for stopping by today. Yes, Me too, felt intimidated when signing up to swaps. Besides understanding and learning the “Swap-language”, I also need to meet the rating requirement. Which in my case, I don’t meet them at all. So I end up doing simple swaps like postcards first. I just got my first 5.00 rating. But I think most craft swaps are looking at least 5 rated swaps. So.. emmm.. Me too, still have a long way to go.
    Happy swapping too 🙂

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