Incoming and Outgoing Mail..

Hello My readers and those who stopped-by,

I’m happy to share my Fist Incoming Mail and some outgoing ones with you. If you have been following me for a while, you may read that I’m on Swap-Bot. Yes! This is super additive and fun swapping between people from all over the world.

So, I want to share my First Incoming Mail, all the way from Belgium. This is my first swap, which is “Say it with Stickers”. So how the fun works was to paste some pretty stickers instead of writing out the words.


I love the stamps and how my Swap-Partner, Sarah has decorated the envelope with Pretty Fairies.
I do love Fairies and Angels.  photo cutecolorsfae6b.gif
And Inside the envelope is this pretty card.
(Sorry I’ve  to cover some private and confidential information)

20130429_130335I will not show you my outgoing mail for this Swap yet, as my Swap Partner has not received mine yet. I want to keep it as a Surprise for her.

For Swap #2, “Cat Postcard”, We are to send our Swap partners a Postcard which has Cat on it. I just received my First Rating with a Heart.

My partner, Rachel from down under, Australia photo cutecolorskoala6a.gifhad received my Postcard. Rachel is into Paper Crafting and she teaches them in Sydney. I love Her work. You can visit her Website for more details.

I’m so so happy that I’ve gotten my first rating, as I’m beginning to think what has happened too all those postcards I’ve Sent out.

Anyway, This was my Outgoing Mail for her.


So that’s all for now with the Swapping updates.


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  1. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for stopping by,
    yes.. keep a look out with this swap.. It is so cute… hahah… you got to get those stickers ready.. I’m sure the host will do another run in the future.. 😉

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