Week 4 SAL update…

Aloha my readers, new friends who just joined in and peeps who stopped by,

Well, we are at our 4th week over at Claire’s WordPress this week and I’ve managed to finish it within 2 hours with the help of coffee and a slice of cake.

So my progress so far is as below.. 2 More weeks to go… and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to make this into.. emmm.. Anyway, I welcome any suggestions you may have on what I can make this piece of work into.


My dear readers, I thank you for following my blog all these while and sorry that there was no update for the past few days. I happened to take time out from crafting and was catching up with swap-bot. You can read my earlier post on this. Anyway, I will write a post about “Swap-Bot language” in a while.

I wish you happy crafting and stitching.  photo icon_happy.gif


4 thoughts on “Week 4 SAL update…

    • Hello Vix,
      Thank you for stopping by.. heehee.. thanks for the idea.. 😉
      Yes, I love the design, BTW, the design is a free one, you can pop over to Claire’s wordpress site to view it. Is in a .pdf file format. Have fun stitching.

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