Today is World Book Day..

Hello My readers, new friends and peeps popping by,

Hope you had some fabulous reads today, as It is World Book Day.
I had the opportunity to pop by my favourite bookshop as there is a 20% off all books and magazine plus 10% off stationery sets.

So.. I treat myself to my favourite magazines again…

The 3 magazines I bought were Cross Stitcher, A Japanese magazine and Simply crochet.

Plus a New Stamp for my outgoing mails  photo mail_zpsbf1384a7.png


Oh and before I forgot, I want to share with you this Japanese magazine call Stitch Ideas. They have the most beautiful design. I have been collecting the magazine since issue 9. The thing is they only publish every 3 months once. So there is only 4 issues in a year.

20130423_210601 20130423_210611 20130423_210651
This is such lovely design which will look fabulous in my dressing room.  photo tumblr_m89gmywi9J1qdlkyg.gif

20130423_210757And such pretty scissors casing.. Ahhhh… I think, I need to get more cloth and thread..

Anyhow, I got to go and have a flip through the magazines.

Today is the last day for the Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit Giveaway. Seems like there is much demands for Funky Bookmark. Well, there are two kits for you to choose from. So if you are keen and wanna join in the fun, please click the link and tell me which cross stitch bookmark kit you like. I’ll shipped anywhere. Open to all to play. Have fun.