Mermaid from Copenhagen…

Hej (Hello in Danish) my readers and new followers,

Hope you had a fruitful weekend. I was busy stitching away the Mermaid from Copenhagen. I’m happy with the turnout and how the design looked.

I’ve yet tackle the sailboats and the out-line yet. Please watch this space for more updates.
But, ~phew, it was really really Hard Work!

I better put up a picture for you to see.


This is my first time doing an even-weave piece. And I’ve read somewhere that said that if you’ve tried even-weave, you will not be doing Aida cloth again.
Well as for me,  photo cutecolorsanibear3.gifI’m not sure about this though, cos’ when I was shopping for even-weave cloth at my local craft shop, I nearly fainted. I cannot believe that a meter of even-weave  28-count cost SGD$60 per meter. That is like 30 pounds/USD$48. Gosh.. I think if I want to do cross stitch on even weave, which I will, I got to get the cloth from internet.

Oh and if you are keen to join the giveaway… One more day till closing date.. Have fun and good luck!


5 thoughts on “Mermaid from Copenhagen…

  1. Your mermaid is looking great. I have stitched on many fabrics over the years and I am an Aida girl. I love 16ct Aida. I get enough coverage and I am not going crazy trying to see. And I definitely like the price 🙂

    • yup.. i agreed with you on the price of Aida cloth. Here in Singapore, I can get pretty good price for Aida, usually cost about SGD$18-20 for a Meter of Aida, but not evenweave..But it had been an interesting experience so far..

      I still have a long way before the piece is completed.. There are still some boats and seaview to stitch.. Will post more updates soon.

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