Sewing on A different Medium

Aloha My Readers and Those who stopped by,

If you happened to walk into the news-stand today, please pick up the April Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 264. In it there is this pretty free gift plus many beautiful stitching pattern.

The Free Gift allows you to try to stitch onto a different Medium- Wood.
Yes.. You heard me.. Is a piece of wooden piece which will be attached to a key ring. And at the end of it, you will have a key chain. It is challenging handling a wood, as the wood is less responsive than fabric. I find the finishing a little tough for me to handle.

Nonetheless, I’ve completed it and See below photos for samples of my work.

20130416_223009 20130416_223056

I really love the blue shade which is DMC 3846. The pattern is lovely with a vintage touch. Well, the Key Ring is now happily Sitting near the door way for it to be pick up.


So before the magazine is sold out, quick Run to your nearest News-Stand to purchase it.
Have Fun Stitching. stitching photo: stitching stitching stitching... stitcher.gif

6 thoughts on “Sewing on A different Medium

  1. I’ve not heard of stitching on wood. Your piece turned out beautifully. I will have to see if the magazine is available here. I also want to let you know that I received the beautiful ring that I won on your give-away! Thank you so much! It’s beautiful and I will post it on my blog just as soon as can get out from underneath some work stuff. Hugs!

    • Hi Ginny,
      I must say it is really fun stitching on wood. Is just that it is not as responsive as fabric and I had trouble with the finishing. I’m glad the ring have reached you.. Yipee..
      Hope the magazine is still available at your end. Have fun stitching. =)

  2. Ooh I have wanted to try stitching on wood for ages but it seems quite hard to track down in the UK…does the magazine list any suppliers? I was debating buying the magazine but alas the bank account had other ideas! I’m cross stitching on a metal cuff at the moment…it will look lovely but it is driving me crazy! It is much more difficult and time consuming than I expected!

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for stopping by,
      ohhh wow stitching on metal cuff… You have to show us when that’s done… I’ve read through the magazine.. but they did not state any suppliers… I hope you may find it somewhere soon in the craft shop or something…
      happy stitching and hope to see your work soon.

      • Oh there will be pictures soon! I’m just waiting for more beading needles to arrive because the holes are TINY and keeps bending the eyes in my beading needles! Giving me a headache but it is starting to look worth it!

        • Hi Hannah,
          Cool… I can’t wait to see your creation and your post about about it soon.. I’m sure it will be all put well together in the end.. =) Happy stitching

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