What I did over this weekend…

Hello My lovely readers and those who managed to Stop by,
Wow, can’t believe the two days just passed by like that. Hope yours had gone by well and was fruitful.

This past weekend, I was busy catching up with my lovely little sister and brother. Well they are of course not “little”, they are already in their mid-twenties. Is just that, when you are the elder one in the family, everyone else is your little brother and sister and you kind play the “Big” Sister role and need to take care of them. If you know what I mean.

And, my poor husband is down with tonsil inflammation. So, He was either watching some T.V or sleeping. So, I was kind left with some time to do my craft work. Which is kind of blessing in disguise. Don’t tell him I said that. I had some time to stitch and take part in a Mini Sal-Activity over at Claire 93.

So I’m going to show you the progress so far:

A) Remember the mermaid kit which I got in Denmark. Well.. This is the progress so far.
Finally you can see some parts of the Rock. Trust me the rock is stitch with two different shades. I think the shades are so close that I, myself cannot even see what is happening. Also,  I realized is better for me to Stitch in the Morning with Even-weave fabric. My eyes are seeing squares now. With the enhanced Day-light, I’m able to count better and see better too. Besides, I can’t really concentrate in the night. As the stitching goes by,  I think, I’m  getting ok with the counting. Yah!  photo happy.gif

B)  Mini-Sal over at Claire’s WordPress site
So Over at Claire93, she is leading a mini-Sal. Anyone can participate and is over a 6 weeks challenge. She just started and this week is kind of the First week, so I guess there is still time to join in the fun. And mine is as below. I kind of take about 2-3 hours to stitch, depending how fast you are. I’m kind of slow with this. So don’t mind me.
20130408_120444 20130408_120722

I use DMC thread no. 600 and 761 for this challenge. Watch out for more updates on my stitching activities in the coming days. I hope you have fun stitching too.  photo tumblr_m8i0vpcpEf1r75lkl.gif


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  1. Your WIP’s are looking great. I am anxious to see how the mermaid turns out. I will enjoy watching your progress on this one.

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