Sending Sunshine and Love to Brielle

Hello My Dear Readers,

I’m a long-time follower of Shabby Blogs (even way before I started this WordPress Site). When I read about one of their Post today. I teared. I was touched by Brielle’s Story. As I scroll and read about Brielle, I’m touched by her positive spirit and bright smile. Sometimes I feel life is really not fair. She like, 11-12 years old and she got to go through Chemo not once but twice. Sigh! It really breaks my heart when I read this.

Working with Cancer patients in my previous work experience is really not easy. I can only imagine the pain they go though. And most of these patients whom I worked with previously were adults and not children. Most of the adults were already feeling grouchy and down after each session. Chemo is really no joke. The needles inserting into the body. The side and after effect. The feeling of tiredness, no appetite, no energy etc, etc,  I really cannot imagine this happening to a young bright child like Brielle.

So, when I read what the family is asking  for is to send in some letters to brighten up her day. I thought-Why not. This is something I can do within my means.

(Picture source from: Shabby Blog.
To read Brielle’s Story please click the picture)

So I had it all written out and will send later when I’m on my way out to the shops. I hope, My dear readers, You can too, do within your means to send some love and sunshine to Brielle and brighten up her day.  photo cutecolorsfae8b.gif

My Sending.
I chose this postcard


Got my lovely hubby to draw this. He is really good in drawing.


And I’m going to drop this off later…




5 thoughts on “Sending Sunshine and Love to Brielle

  1. Oh wow what a beautiful idea! Sadly, I had to attend the funeral of a six year old in January who lost her battle and it has had a really bad affect on me. It is so unfair that these young children have to face so much. I will definitely be sending something to her! Thank you for sharing this 😀

    • Hi Hanna, I’m so sorry to hear the passing of a six year old. Yes, and I agree with you that it is too much for the young to face.
      Please do send a letter/postcard to Brielle, I’m sure it will brighten up Brielle’s Day. Thank you for sharing the post too. Cheers =)

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