I’m new to Even-weave, Please help me.

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I’m so inspired by the various blogs which I’ve followed all this while. These bloggers have inspired me to stitch again. (Yes, I do have like a box of kits which I’ve not really stitched yet. *Blush*)

But every time when I read these inspired blogs, I’m so tempted to stitch again. The Stitching blogs which I’ve followed and may also be of interest to you are:
1. Stitcheroo My Darling
2. Fun Stitch Blog English, too
3. My Time Stitching
4. Hannah Ackroyd
5. Claire93’s Blog

Just wanna tell you guys really rock. And I love all your stitching work and projects.
So, while I was looking through all those cross stitch kit which I’ve bought previously, one of them caught my eye.

I bought this about 1 year plus back when I was visiting Copenhagen, Denmark. What prompt me to buy was the picture of The Little Mermaid (statue) which I visited during my trip there (see photo below)

I wanted to bring some memories back. So when I was walking though one of the craft shop, I chanced upon this (see photo below) and without hesitation, I bought it. Well, It kind of have been left on my to do stitch box for sometimes.

So, when I opened up and wanted to try it, I just realized is a piece of even-weave cloth which I’ve not attempted before. While searching for answers on the internet, I found that is stitch over 3×3 blocks instead. So I’ve attempted some small stitches. Very Small steps actually.

20130404_100529 20130404_100534

Yes, I definitely need some help here. If you can give me some pointers or drop me some comments that will help. I hope the work will turn out fine.  photo icandoit.gif
Anyway, do keep a lookout in this space for more updates.. Heehee. Oh, wish me luck.  photo bunnyface.gif


9 thoughts on “I’m new to Even-weave, Please help me.

  1. Oh wow I’m glad I have inspired you to do some stitching! Thank you for the link 🙂 I am actually in the middle of stitching my first even-weave project too! To begin with it was a pain to keep making sure that I was stitching into the right holes but I’ve been at it for a few days now and it feels like second nature now… definitely nicer to work with than aida! I have found it impossible to stitch without a hoop though, but it certainly makes it easier to see that you are stitching into the right place when it is pulled tight. I also watched this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PceviKJHoIY I didn’t take up any of the tips but you might find them useful to consider! Good luck with your stitching!

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thank you for stopping by and your pointers. I’ve taken a look at the youtube you’ve suggested. Yes, I’m also struggling with counting the holes.. Hope I will get it correct soon. Will post more pictures as I progress.
      Cheers =)

  2. What a sweet kit! And it definitely will bring back some memories for you as she looks so much like the statue you saw. I don’t think I can help you, I’m an Aida girl. I have stitched on some evenweaves, but always over 2 with 2 threads. Though there are some awesome stitchers that stitch over one. I would just suggest to stitch how you are comfortable. Thank you so much for listing me as one of your favorite blogs. I have been trying to add a long list of new blogs to my blog, but haven’t quite figured it out yet. I have done it before, but can’t seem to find how since WP has changed so many things since I have started. Good luck with the stitching. I will enjoy watching your progress.

  3. That’s a lovely design to stitch, and what you’ve done so far on the Evenweave looks fine to me. It looks lovely and neat 🙂
    Once you get used to it, I think it’s as easy as stitching on Aida, and easier when you have fractional stitches to do. It looks nicer once finished too. You just need to take a bit more care with counting holes than you do with Aida.

    • Hi Carole,
      Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement. Yes, I will be careful with counting the holes. Will post more pictures later. Thank you so much. =P

  4. Hi, Wisher! Thanks for mentioning my blog!! 🙂
    You got a lovely mermaid kit. That’s beautiful. I can’t wait to watch your progress.
    About even-wave, I’ve never used it. Your stitches seem great to me!

    • Hi JuJu,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I will post more pictures about it. x cross fingers x, that it will turn out fine..
      heehee… cheers,

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