After 2 years….

So I was enjoying this moment of  knitting craze after finishing the Fishnet Fever scarf. For me, knitting comes and goes like some sort of season. So there will be this period that I will knit and knit.. then for no apparel reason, it kind of goes away and don’t come back..Heehee..

And Now, I have this secret to reveal. blushing emoticons photo: Blushing like whoa. bigblush.gif (*blushing*)

I’ve kept this unfinished knitting project in my cupboard for soooooo loooong… YES like for the past 2 years+.  And I’ve this secret desire to free my Addi 3.0 mm circular needles. These are my favourite pair of knitting needles. So smooth to use and the stitches just slide through so well. Bless the needles.
Most important things, I don’t have any frustration using it.  photo rabbit04.gif

Ta-dah…  So the socks are on my feet. See picture below.



Yes, finally after 2 years. I’ve finally complete these socks and I’m so happy to “free” the Addi 3.0 mm circular needles. They have been kind of stuck to the incomplete project for sooooooooo bloody loooong…

Well there are some small hiccups in this project. Is kind of well-hidden. (*Blush*) Nonetheless, I’m happy it fits me well. Will definitely packed it when I travel to cold countries.

Finished Project (A pair of Knitted Socks)
Yarn used: Moda Vera Noir (75% wool superwash; 25% polyamide)
Knitting Needles: 3.0 mm circular Needle


2 thoughts on “After 2 years….

  1. Doesn’t it feel great to get something accomplished? And to free up a pair of loved needles is even better. I have a baby blanket on a circular that I am thinking I will probably abandoned as the yarn is really not soft; quite scratchy actually and I can’t imagine a baby wrapped in it. I love your socks. That turned out fabulous! In all the years I have been knitting, I have never even tempted a pair of socks.

    • Hi Ginny,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Yes.. I’m so happy to get back the pair of needles. And doing a pair of socks really take sometime. Is actually longer than I think it is, maybe I just a slow knitter. Heehee.. But I’m glad is done. Yippeee…

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