Knitting with ModaVera Fishnet Fever

Aloha  My readers and Peeps who stopped by,

Remembered I went to Yarn shopping the other day? So I thought, I’ll put Granny Squares  Hexagons aside and do some knitting instead.

So, I was having fun with this yarn (Fishnet Fever) yesterday. And, I also learnt from Ginny that this yarn could also be similar to Starbella.
I know, I’m kind of slow when it comes to yarn selection *:"> blushing (*Blush*). Heehee, oh well, better late than never.

To be Honest, I was really having some problems with the cast on. Cos’ when I was following the manufacture’s instruction it did not lead me anywhere. So I turn to YouTube instead. So there was this video explanation on how to use it. Yipee.

So with my 4.5mm knitting needles and the yarn I begin knitting it.


When I was kniting to about 5 rows. I only cast on 6 stitches.

After 2 hours of knitting and a cup of cuppa, Ta-Dah, now the scarf is place on my Coat Stand. I simply love the colors and the ruffles. It looked so pretty. *:x lovestruck

When I showed my husband about it, He said it looked like some Party Garland. Haha. Oh Well. I’ll wear them sometime soon.*;) wink

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3 thoughts on “Knitting with ModaVera Fishnet Fever

  1. Ooooo! I love your new scarf! I really like the lacy look of the fishnet. I am going to have to find me some of that yarn. Was it purchased in the US? The colors in your scarf are scrumptious! It looks fabulous!

    • Yes, I totally love how the ruffles come out. I got the yarn here in Singapore. Is from this major craft shop supplier called Spotlight. I’m sure you can get something similar in US. Have fun knitting. It takes me about 2 hours. I quite a slow knitter though.. heehee..

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