To Me Giving is Better Than Winning

Hello my friends and those who managed to stop by,

I was prompt by writing this post by Rachael. She is organizing a monthly giveaways of free stuff. And she is looking for designers or people who is owning a business to donate items for giveaways. For a moment when I read it, I was thinking, sure, I must contact her and see if I can be of any Help to her. And she sent me an email and we had our “closed-door” exchanges. Anyway, I’m going to send her some items and do visit her WordPress site to win them.
(And Rachael if you are reading this, I’m going to post some items once the Post Office opened next week after Good Friday.)

So I was also thinking, I’m not one of those lucky bitch young ladies who win things.  photo winkywinky.gif

I think I have won like 4 things in life.
1) 2 pens which came through the mail because of my post got selected in a Science Magazine when I was 10 years old.
2) During one of the family day outings organized by my ex-company, I’ve won a SGD$120 buffet voucher, which I used to treat my ex-colleagues to the food.
3) 5 movie tickets which I won also in one of my ex-workplace. I gave 1 ticket to my favorite colleague and treat my hubby and his 2 best friends to the movies.
4) A $10 supermarket cash voucher which I have no chance to redeem. So that’s like all the kind of winnings I have till now. *:-? thinking

Well, unlike this lucky lady Whom I came across on WordPress. She is sure very blessed with her winnings. I love her winning tips and if you wanna win some stuff, do pop over her post and learn some of her winning tips.

I guess I count My “Winnings” in other ways. For me, I think I’m blessed with people and other small things in life. *:"> blushing

My Blessings include:

1) The Clean environment I’m living in. Breathable Air, Drinkable water straight from the tap, uninterrupted electricity available all year round and high-speed internet connection.

2) The people around me includes:
-My humorous Hubby who has never failed to make me laugh.*;;) batting eyelashes
(We met over MSN 10 years ago. Yes, you got it. Is like the movie You’ve Got Mail which starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.)
-My Closed-knit family
-My loveabale Friends
-My New Friends I met over Cyberworld.

3) The various opportunities Life has given me.

4) My Good Health

5) The ability of going to University and attend school with the  financial assistance of my dad
+ Many other small blessings in Life which I can’t keep track of.

Being brought up in a household where my mom has taught us to give and she leads by the example of always giving to people. I guess, in a way, I’m influenced by her. For me, Giving has always been Better than Winning. Is like when you give, you spread joys to people, and I love to see that smile when people appreciate your giving.

Anyhow, I do hope You will win something over at Rachael’s WordPress Site. Do visit her site and Good Luck peeps. *&[] gift


5 thoughts on “To Me Giving is Better Than Winning

  1. Hi, *Wisher*.
    The people who do “giveaway” things are so generous.
    and I agree your title 🙂

    By the way, “You’ve got mail” is my memorable movie, too.
    Yup, I met my husband over the chatting site.

    • Hi Juju,
      Thanks for stopping by and your comment.
      =) cool we got one thing in common, meeting our husband over chatting sites. Heehee..
      I’ll pop over your english site soon. Have a great Easter celebration ahead. Cheers

    • Hi Juju,
      hope things are well on your side.
      I just pop over to your Japanese site, and realised you have this category under from free charts.. I took a look at your beautiful work. Just wondering were the charts you had from a book/reference or from the websites? I like the design and look of it. =)

      • Hi, Wisher. Thank you for checking my blog. Well, I made 2 free chart before. One of them was totally original. The other was used unknown graphic from the web images and converted into a chart.To respect the designer of graphic, I haven’t put the chart on my blog.If you like, I can e-mail you. 🙂

        • Hi Juju,
          Thanks for your reply.
          Wow, cool. Can’t wait to see on your English Site on the original Charts you’ve made.

          I understand about not sourcing back to the designer.
          I totally respect Intellectual Property. Not to worry about it.

          Cheers, *Wisher*

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