60 pieces of Hexagonal Grannies


20130328_104911The Completed piece (without edging) on my Chair20130328_104932The Top View of the work

My first 60 pieces of Granny Squares Hexagons. The Free Pattern is from Attic 24. I’ve used 100% Acrylic Yarn for this project and sized 3.5mm Hook.

So my next question is what am I going to do with the edging. I went to research on my Pinterest Board and see if I have ever pinned any stuff with edging. Guess What, I’ve found a few sites:
Crochet Edging Photos by Donna Taylor
Crochet Edging for Baby Blanket over at SewChic
Pictorial Crochet of Edging at Crochetmagia

Well, I got to pick one simple one to do first. Wish me luck. *:-)/\:-) high five


5 thoughts on “60 pieces of Hexagonal Grannies

  1. It looks wonderful! I love all of the colors you chose. Good luck with the edging. One of these days I will try to make these cute hexagons.

    • Hi Ginny,
      Thanks for stopping by. Heehee.. Yes, you must make some and show us on your post. I’m still thinking about which edging suits. You have a good Easter Celebration ahead. Chat soon. Cheers

    • Dear thestitchsharer,

      Thanks for popping by and dropping a comment. Heehee.. This is my ever first big project. I’m still learning the ropes of crochet. Will pop by your site for inspiration. Have a good Easter Celebration ahead. Cheers.

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