I went for Yarn Shopping Today.

Hello to all those who have just joined in and those who stopped by.
If you are in US, Good Morning to You,
If you are in UK, Good afternoon,
If you are anywhere in Asia, Good evening to you. Gosh Is like 9pm+ now. I’ll just make this quick.

So, I went to meet one of my dearest friend today. She is like a sister to me. We met, almost a decade ago, *Gasp*. She’s a mother now, of a 5 month old baby. Well, is the usual Lunch Catch up and we had a great time chatting about life, baby, families, etc. If only she don’t have to be rushed back to office, I think we could talk for ever. I miss those days when we don’t have to put so much worries to life. Those Younger times without obligations, money worries, Mother-in-laws trying to “kill” “help” you, etc, etc.  But I love my friends, I think that’s how we learn from each other and support each other. Cheers to Sisterhood.
So much for the lunch. Anyhow, after our catch up, I took the train to SpotLight. It was a good break from my granny squares project and I bloody need some yarn. The Granny Squares are kind of coming to an end. Of course still a long way to 1000 pieces. But I need some yarn for the edging. Soon I will post a picture here for you to see my completed project.

(for those who just join us. The 1000 pieces of granny squares project is my personal challenge)

So I spent about SGD$30+ (abt USD$24 or 15 quid) on my Yarn and some embroidery thread and a new crochet hook. (*Blush* Just realize I don’t own a 6.0mm hook)

Not sure, If anyone has gotten the Nina Mesh or Fishnet Fever both by Moda Vera. I’ll try out the yarn texture and let you guys know.


Oh, And I also stopped by the library to get some books too. I love this amigurumi book.


Will update you more when I have the chance to Flip the book. *Phew so much for today. I’m going to rest my feet and take it easy. Night night everyone.  photo rabbit04.gif




4 thoughts on “I went for Yarn Shopping Today.

  1. Catching up with friends for a lunch or coffee is so great, isn’t it? The time always goes by so fast though. Glad you had a nice time. Love the new yarns. I haven’t seen them in person. But then again I haven’t been to a real yarn shop in a bit either. I look forward to seeing what you create with them. I especially like the colors in the Fishnet. It looks a lot like a scarf yarn that I have used a lot this past winter, Starbella.

    • Good Morning Ginny,
      Thanks for your comment. And yes, It was a lovely time catching up with friends and those gossips. Heehee.
      I’ve not tried with the Fishnet Yarn. Yup, i think I could be similar to Starbella Yarn. Will Let you know the effect when I start knitting it. Heehee.. Got to brush up those skills soon. =)

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