Crafting in Singapore, Asia and Beyond.

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So, This morning, what came across my mind was, are there any Craft-Makers in Singapore. I really wanna link up with them. Actually I was looking over the reading posts from WordPress under the tagging title “Crochet”, “Knitting”, “Cross Stitch”, etc, but have not came across any Singaporeans yet. So I was thinking, there must be someone doing craft here, is just that I have not look hard enough yet. I tired goggling, but some of the blog sites kind of stopped in time. Like there are no updates in the recent years. So, I’m not sure if they are still Blogging. I understand the woes of being a full time craft maker here in Singapore. Is not easy. People kind of give you the “are you crazy” look, or will ask you “how do you sustain yourself” kind of questions. Standards of living is high and people are chasing money, buying properties, etc.

People my age already owned a car (which cost SGD$ 70k-100k; something like USD$58-$80k), you are lucky to get a second hand car at SGD$40K these days. Of course not forgetting to say investing in properties. For me, I guess, I kind of chase other things in life. I chase time, relationships, sanity, enough sleep, peace and calmness.

Being a full time craft maker, has definitely improved my relationships with families, people, etc. I have more time these days and will take time to listen more, joke more, more relax.

Anyhow, one thing for sure, I managed to find some Asian writers from the following WordPress sites:

Fun Stitch (in Japanese)
Fun Stitch (in English)
Happy Lovely Dovey Life

(The web is just too huge, if you are a Craft-Maker and based in Asia, Let me know, I will add in to this list  We can exchange ideas, inspire each other, etc, etc)

So anyhow, I also goggled and keyed in the Search with Words “Crafting in Singapore” and Tah-dah.. I found Crafty Singapore.

I’m so so happy to see them. So if you are a reader and you are based in Singapore, Do drop me a post and hopefully we can link up to. And don’t forget to visit Crafty Singapore Website too.. I am happy to get linked up with like-minded people like you. Cheerios  photo tumblr_m8i0vpcpEf1r75lkl.gif


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