Stumble upon this Free Cross Stitch Page When I pop over to FayesPlace

Hi there My new Friends and Readers,

So I was doing my regular morning readings on WordPress, and Guess what, as I was strolling though all those pages tagged with “Cross Stitch”, I stumbled upon FayesPlace. And on the blog, she was sharing this  freebie cross stitch pattern site. You got to check it out here. It has all those pretty French Patterns.roseanniv

If you are interested in doing one of these pretty French patterns. Get hold of this magazine too. It is Création Point de Croix. The subscription of the magazine is about 42 euros per year. They have easy and pretty little patterns. You can see below one of my creations using their patterns.


Have fun trying out the free patterns on the website ♪. Both French Websites are best view using Google Chrome for Translation to English. *:x lovestruck