Towards 1000 Pieces of Granny Squares

Greetings to my readers and those who just join us,

So, I’m embarking towards the 1000 Granny Squares Challenge. I have just set a Timer, cross fingers that I can Achieve it in 3 months? Which means… 30+ pieces per day?? LOL, see if I can Achieve that. If not I got to reset my Timer. So here we go.. 1000 pieces of Squares…

My First Batch of Hexagons are patterns from one of the Blogs I follow- Attic 24.
A Hexagonal Granny Square. See her site for how to do it.
I will complete this whole set first and maybe look for another granny’s square pattern to try out. Wish me luck.





7 thoughts on “Towards 1000 Pieces of Granny Squares

  1. These are beautiful granny squares. That is something I have never done. I know! I can’t believe it either. And these hexagon granny squares are really calling to me.

    • Hi Ginny, Thank you for stopping by again. The Granny Squares are something I just started to try out too. Is so additive but the work grows very fast. I’m loving it. Hope you have fun with it too.. cheers

    • Hi Cat,
      No worries.. me too I’ve tons of unfinished stuff.. I just need a throw over for the sofa… heehee.. =).. thanks for stopping by. ^.^

    • Not to Worry Cat,
      Me too, I’ve tons of unfinished projects waiting for me to finish. Hope the granny squares will inspire you to complete your crochet project. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

    • yup.. is really is addictive.. and faster than knitting.. there are more “holes” too.. compare to knitted work.. I enjoyed both.. is just that I’m quite bad when comes to reading a knitting chart.. 😦

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