Free DIY vintage looking Ring pattern in 5 Steps! (+Free Giveaways when you like this post)

Hello My readers,

Today, I’m going to share with you how to make one of these vintage looking ring on your own. I’m sure you have seen one of these kind of rings and wanted it badly to match your outfit.

So don’t fret, is not rocket science and I’m sure you will be able to make one after following this tutorial.

Materials needed as below:


1. A pair of paper scissors
2. Multipurpose glue, do get those type that can dry clear
3. Printed Pictures. I use a high quality photo paper to print these pictures.
4. An empty ring pendant holder (make sure it does not have a loop, cos’ that will be for necklace)
5. An empty ring holder
6. A clear glass bead, preferably that can cover your printed picture.
7. A hot glue craft gun

Step 1
Cut out your desired picture to be place in the Pendant Holder

Step 2:
Add some Multi-purpose glue onto the empty ring pendant.

Step 3:
Add the printed picture onto the pendant.

Next add the Multi-purpose glue to the transparent glass bead.
(**important note: please select a glue that dries CLEAR)


Step 4:
Using Hot Glue Gun, add hot glue at the back of the Ring Pendent.


Step 5:
Stick the Pendant to the Ring Holder and Viola, your very own Vintage Ring.
(Wait for the glue to dry and you may wear it with your pretty outfit.)

20130318_153830 20130318_153921
Have fun making it.Photobucket

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