My Monthly Splurge… Not again

I guess different people splurge on different things. For me, I’m very afraid to step into a bookshop. Because…. My biggest buy will be craft book or magazines after air tickets. Lol..Yes, this is were my lunch money goes to.
And for me, my must buy magazines usually are Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher. Sometimes I will add on a knitting or crochet magazine.

Why Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher?
Reason being their funky patterns. And I love the pictures taken in Mollie Makes. All the craft made are really cool, *gasp* i’m just speechless for their design. If you have no idea of what kind of craft magazines to get.. grab a copy of Mollie Makes, you can check out their website and you will know what I make.

Have fun crafting.