Have You work with Soluble Canvas Before?

Working with Soluble Canvas is pretty much the same as working on Aida cloth. Is good for decorating clothes, and other cloth which you fancy and has the embroidery stitches on. When choosing Soluble Canvas, is the same as the choosing the Aida cloth, there is 10 count, 14 count, etc. Depending on what your craft shop has stock up with.

As for me, well, I really taken so much time to complete this piece of work. This is a Victorian motifs (which I got it from a The Cross Stitcher Magazine) which I need to switch threads to and fro. And of course I need to work through felt and over the soluble canvas. This is my first time working with it. To make sure that both the soluble canvas and felt pieces are fasten together, you need to place a pin over  the soluble canvas and felt. And go ahead to stitch as usual.

Just make sure that the work does not touch any water. After the work is completed, soak it into a bowl of warm water (like the photo above) and let it dry (like the photo below). The work can then be used on any other creation. Have a go with soluble canvas, there are so many things that you can create with this.