10 Reasons of Why I think that Craft Shops are Closing reasons

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Remember in one of my earlier post, I wanted to discuss why craft shops are closing down.  Especially in Singapore. I’m not sure what are the situation like in other countries. But I’m open to hear your viewpoints and do drop us your comments. We like to hear them too.

So I went around and spoke with some craft-makers and supplies. Their replies as I gathered are as below.

1. High Rental and Operational Cost in Singapore. Having a mortar and brick Craft Shop is not a seen as a viable profitable business.
2. There is a lack of time doing craft. People are too caught up with technology and work. Like their smart phones, tablets, games etc.Speaking of which, it seems that there are more hand phone shops than craft shops.
3. Most Singaporeans do not have any hobbies or past-time, besides eating, sleeping, watching movies and shopping.
4. No interest in craft, felt that this is a granny past time or child’s play.
5. Not sure why they need to do craft
6. When there is easy access to clothes, accessories, etc, why will there be a need to sew, knit, crochet, make craft etc.
7. People are getting more brand conscious and materialistic. Not interested in getting home-made items.
8. Buy and throw away mentality. When the button is loose or when there is a slight stain, item can be thrown away. Why bother to fix it sort of mentality.
9. Unable to attract the younger crowd in doing craft, hence no new market. 10. Parents want their children to excel in other areas like music, sports, academic areas, etc, craft is seen as a waste of time.

Hence… maybe there is no need for a craft business to thrive in this Country. Which is sad. In my next post, I will gather where are the current operating craft business in Singapore. Watch this space for more information.
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