Crochet Booties for Baby Jacob

While I was in UK, I met Helena. She is a tough lady from Poland and was working in the hostel which I stayed the last 2 months. While I was there, she was heavily pregnant and at times, I do feel sorry for her. Cos she needs to carry the baby’s  weight and at the same time, clean the beds and change the linen. Sometimes, I will lend a hand or remind her to stop for a while to catch her breadth. Mind you,  the hostel has like 3 flights of stairs. And gosh the steps between each other are really small.

So before I Left Uk for home, I made a Baby Booties for her baby boy. 20121111_215544

I  got the wool from Victoria market and the pattern was from the Crochet tutor Margaret. I’m happy to share the pattern if anyone is interested. I just made the pompom to make it looks cute.

So anyhow, this picture came through this evening. Is a picture of Helena and her baby. Thank goodness, the booties fit him. Yippee…

Well, hopefully I can meet Helena and Baby Jacob again if i ever return to UK.*:x lovestruck