So how did Pretty Little Things in a Box came about?

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Firstly, Let me thank you for stopping by. When I started this blog, I was thinking there must be millions of craft blogs out there, but what made you wanna stop by this blog and read? I’m not sure, You can tell me what you like or do not like about this blog? Do drop me a comment. I will reply them.

I actually started the blog not too long ago. After I got back from UK, I was thinking of putting down my thoughts and also what I like to share, my love for crafting. I see that most younger generation folks perhaps at the age range of 12 onward to 25 years old may not know how to thread a needle or do not even know what crochet is? I’m sadden also by the fact that in this little island I’m currently living, craft shops are closing down one by one… Sigh!! I think I can name a few of craft shops here in Singapore within my 10 fingers. Hopefully there are still operating. Anyway, I will write about why craft shops are closing down lately.

So what is Pretty Little Things in a Box about? It came about when My dearest mother was putting her hand-made jewelry in a handmade origami box using recycled paper. Yes, I do have a crafty mother. My mom makes jewelry for a living too. She loves beads and has a millions of them. So when I saw that, immediately an idea came to mind. I thought, I could make these boxes too. And I am quite good with origami. So why not placed those little pretty hand-made trinkets into them. So.. that’s how Pretty Little Things in a Box came about.

When our customers purchased the items, the items are sold in a Hand Made origami boxes. Unless the request is to send via post. Hence, to save on postage, items will then be mailed over using organza bag.

Now, Let me show you the original origami boxes made by mom..


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Once again, I appreciate your time and once again, thanks for stopping by. *:x lovestruck