My Journey in Crafting so Far..

It had been a long journey of crafting by myself in UK, and I’m feeling sad that this is coming to and end soon. I do like to stay in UK for a longer while, but I’m missing my family back home. Besides, I really can’t take the cold weather and I missed the Sunny weather back home. So far, I’ve met many wonderful people and teachers during my stay in UK.

One of my Favorite teacher is Jane. She is creative and a patient teacher. I’m happy to have met her and learnt a few skills from her. She is based in Nottingham  If you near the area, do plan to have a craft session with her too.

A few good things that happened to me was to meet with some wonderful hostel mates from Spain. They were Laura and Jero. Not only we have some drinking parties together, but on this particular week, I was done with fever, Laura took care of me. I was so touched. And I picked up some Spanish words too. I will miss them. We are like a small family in Nottingham. I will Miss this place.

I’m very happy that so far I am exposed to different craft.
Hopefully with all these new skills, I can make something pretty out of it soon. Stay Tune. Hopefully I can make a trip back to UK soon.


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