Knit and Stitch Show @ Harrogate

Well well, I came all the way up north of UK. Passed Leeds and Ta-dah, Here I am at Harrogate. I love the old buildings here and the “no chain shops”concept. Well, the only chain shops I can see are the usual M&S and stuff.. but mostly at the High Street, the chains shops are kept out. I’m happy to see independent business owners at the High Street.

So my purpose here for a few days was to visit the Knit and Stitch show. I stayed at a local B&B Sherwood Hotel. Run by a lovely couple. I loved the little room and quietness of the neighborhood  And the venue is within 10 mins walking distance to the convention center.

If you love craft, I strongly recommend you to visit one of these shows. The huge amount of displays will inspire you to create something  I was touched by several projects.

1. The Unfinishable

This huge tent of “unfinished projects” was slapped right at the center of the stage.  It is so cool to see that sometimes as crafters, we may have a few unfinished stuff. Like unfinished piece of knit because there is not enough yarns, or a piece of stitch work etc, etc. This tent was containing all these projects and their stories why the project was incomplete.  There could be several reasons why we left it there untouched. Well,just  don’t feel guilty about it. I know is difficult not to but sometimes I do feel this way too. Anyway, after seeing the huge tent and the amount of unfinished projects, I am kind of inspired to exhibit somewhat an “unfinished project” too here in Asia.. Hahah.. what an idea.

2. The wall display of Stitch Project sent by various Stitching groups.


I was amazed at how this small piece of work really adds up to a huge wall hanging project.

3. The Sleeping Bag Project.

I was also touched by this project. It is about left over sleeping bags being collected at a recent outdoor concert in Leeds. After washing and cleaning the bags, small pillows are sewn on it or up to the creator on how they like to improve the sleeping bag conditions. These are then given to the homeless. I was touched by this idea of how we can help the poor by using our creativity.

Thumbs up to these students who are doing this project.  photo mini10.gif

4. The Knitted town.


Ahh… I smiled when I saw this knitted town… Ahhh… Look at the knitted cottages, and I spotted a Fire station and some fire-fighters. So Adorable.  photo Winky.gif

Well, Besides all these excellent exhibits, I managed to get a couple of good deals on pattern books, project kits and learn a couple of new techniques. I wish I could bring back all those beautiful yarn. But I have to watch my luggage weight.. I think is tipping the scale already. photo embrassess.gif
Anyway, I  hope I can come by again.