Learning to Read Japanese Crochet Symbols

Phew~ I finally complete this crochet work after understanding all these crochet symbols. So the end product looks like this. Is a layered flower, which I was thinking of making it into a Brooch.


So if you are keen for this pattern, let me know, I can scan a copy and email to you. However, you need to be familiar with the symbols. This book is written in Japanese and there is no single English word to explain how this is done. Is all based on understanding the symbols like below. Photobucket


Do share your thoughts with me by dropping a comment. There are tons of beautiful Japanese Crochet patterns, if only we know how these symbols work.

I’m going to leave you with one of the sample. Have fun deciphering the symbols. Cheers.


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6 thoughts on “Learning to Read Japanese Crochet Symbols

    • heehee.. thank you for stopping by my blog today.. heehee.. I love doing embroidery and craft.. 😀
      have a fab weekend ahead..

  1. It is really not so hard. I wish I could write my patterns like that and people could read it. Done, turn out pretty, the end.
    You did great with that “rose”.

    • Thank you for your kind comments.. It took me a while to understand the symbols too.. I must say the pattern is really cool and easy for me. 🙂

      • Once you know the symbols it is much easier to follow a pattern, because your eyes kind of get the concept. But it is hard to write a pattern like that. Being a pattern designer I know. I like my patterns to be accurate and easy to follow, versus the stuff that is free, where you get to improvise in the middle of it. If I have time, I will try to learn to do patterns like that. Much success to you!

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