Ribbon Embroidery

I was at Risely village hall today and went for a Ribbon Embroidery Workshop. I know I have done something like that before.. But well, another class of what I love is no Harm right.. The tutor taught us to do a sampler and I like the idea of making one. Especially for amateur like myself, is good to understand how a 4mm ribbon differ from a 7mm. And of course, labeling the stitches. Is fun..

What I like about ribbon embroidery is the effect that you can’t create with using thread, although most of the stitches are the same as hand embroidery. If you have done some embroidery before, I think you will like ribbon embroidery. Is pretty much the same, but the effect is just amazing.

Well.. before you know it and after many cups of teas.. Is time to leave the workshop. But at least I created a sampler and left with a wonderful memory of the class. and Most of all, is fun.

I leave you with a free pattern which I found on the net, Hope you will have a go with it.


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