Book Binding at V&A Museum

I was searching for some craft workshops in London and I chanced upon this free session at V&A. It was a free book-binding session and I thought why not give it a go and I can also learn something from it.

I had a go with three different book-binding styles

1) Concertina Fold
2) Japanese Book Binding
3) A simple book binding (perfect bound) style using sewing thread.

Love the concertina fold which was amazing. As I can see how a long piece of paper goes in and out the folding. The Japanese book-binding is brilliant. The paper used is rice paper… which is very thin.. and flimsy to handle.

I’ll leave you some guided information which I’ve found from the new for you to try. Have a go with it. You can make notebooks/ scrap book,etc, out from the fold. Have fun..